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The Hourglass still needs you.
Through Unbound, I’m still crowdfunding for my novel, The Hourglass. I’ve now reached 54% of my target and I’m very grateful to all of you who have helped me so far.
Unbound operates as a crowdfunding publisher. It selects the books it takes on, then it’s up to the author, using its website, to raise funds that will cover production costs, and also to demonstrate that there are potential readers out there, by persuading a large crowd to sign up as supporters. In some respects this resembles 18th and 19th-century subscription publishing.
Supporters’ names appear in all editions, including the e-book, unless they prefer to be anonymous,
I have an agreed target to cover production costs and once I achieve it Unbound will publish The Hourglass as a paperback and an e-book. At 54%, I’ve made good progress. The support and enthusiasm I’ve discovered has been fantastic, but there’s still a long way to go and I need to rally a much greater number of supporters, which is why I’m asking you to consider pledging your support, if you haven’t already done so.
The link will take you directly to my project page on Unbound. There you can read an extract from The Hourglass, along with a synopsis, and watch a home-made two-minute video of me talking about what inspired it, as well as viewing the names of my existing backers. You’ll also see a series of pledges and rewards (following formulas devised by Unbound), ways of pre-purchasing, from £10 for an e-book.
Some of those who follow the blog already know about the project and have given their support. I’m asking all the others. And if you’ve already pledged support please help me rally more backers by passing on the link.
If you enjoy reading my blog, please support The Hourglass.

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